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About Us

MSI Group - MSI Group is a Global Investment Management Platform, it is also a bridge between eastern and western culture. We provide innovative and cross-border industry real estate investment services, which include asset management, industry management and industry real estate project investments through our internationalized, industrialized and capitalized professional team.

MSI Investment Management - MSI Asset Management established the Belt & Road Global Investment Fund, main partners include various banks, listed companies, securities companies and funds. China Galaxy International is the fund’s investment advisor and has extensive experience in strategy formulation, asset selection, channel tempo, investment and financing. We establish funds for specific investment and financing projects and further promote local economies by introducing foreign capital and international industries into China.

Millennium Success International Investment Group - Main services is to provide mainland and overseas industry real estate project investments, providing long-term and steady returns for listed companies, institutional investors and family offices. By linking the cultural and brand industry chains of various countries, we have connected the world‘s top production areas to each other. Through the integration of technology, cultural tourism, and healthcare industries, we have become a “Oriental theme, international culture” business-friendly, travel-friendly, and  livable destination.

Millennium Success Investment Group - Millennium Success Investment Group provides industry management services for different real estate projects, including: global branding introduction, operator cooperation, market promotion and sales, value-add services, etc. Through the growth of China's six areas, the introduction of industries include: finance, construction, branding, health, cultural tourism and technology. To this end, we have invested in different real estate projects with "Fortune 500" companies and international brand partners to contribute to the economy of the investment location and bring value enhancement to investment projects.


We link up local and foreign capitals to promote development of the Big 6 Sectors 



Through the “Belt and Road” initiative, cooperating with China Construction and China Railway to build an internationally influential cultural and tourism city project. We will build an international, financial, and professional cultural and tourism complex with industry chain through the Group ’s team and joint multi party brands.



Through the "Foreign Investment Law" and our Global Investment Fund, we are grasping opportunities created by the Belt and Road Initiative to create a "financial-industrial real estate" strategic investment cooperation platform.



Brand and cultural experience, meeting with international brands and professional operation management team to provide a one-stop industry supporting service


Culture & Tourism

The trend of cooperating with international cultural and tourism brands to create "commercial, sports, cultural & tourism complex" and ”the hub of urban brand" to accelerate the development of entrepreneurial employment such as clothing, food, housing, travel, shopping, and entertainment.



Joining well-known well-being tourism enterprises and internationally renowned medical tourism conferences is currently popular within health tourism.



Conduct investment and financing projects for well-known mainland and foreign science and technology companies, and carry out cost-effective equity and debt financing to support relevant projects to seize the global international market.


Participated Projects

MSI Group provides an international platform for global financial institutes and real estate developers to invest and cooperate. This partnership platform helps link local and foreign capital with various industries within our developments, which includes finance, construction, health, cultural tourism, science and technology.


GW Imperial Garden

GW Imperial Garden is a development project in Hebei province, with a focus on residential villas that are integrated with natural art in the surrounding areas. There are a total of 11 scenic areas that have been rated as 4A and 5A to further emphasize the beauty of this development area. It is situated near the most beautiful part of the Great Wall of China and the area was used by past Chinese Emperors as a vacation spot.


Total Area - 21 Million sqm

Cultural and Ecological Tourism 

1.5 Hours away from Beijing

Includes - International Industrial & Cultural Tourism City, Spa Resort, Apartment Hotels


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Email: info@msigroup.com.hk