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GW Imperial Garden, with a History Envelops Thousands of Years, Fulfilling the Ideal of Living

September 4, 2020

GW Imperial Garden is ideally located on the footsteps of Jinshanling Great Wall, where is known as the “Beijing-Chengde Back Garden”, making it your perfect escape-from-the-world retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life.


Opening for New Era for Hebei Province’s Finance and Tourism

Without doubt, thorough strategic planning is utterly important. GW Imperial Garden is located in Hebei, where is embracing Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Plan set out by the Chinese Government. To this end, Chinese President Xi Jingping announced the creation of the Xiongan New Area as an eco-friendly smart area, to contribute Hebei’s modernization.


It is under this opportunity that GW Imperial Garden project came into being. It covers a total area of 32,000 mu with the total investment of the first phase of 4000 mu at RMB30 billion, making full use of the resources of Hebei’s local policies, natural environment, humanities and rich history in order to form a major part of cultural tourism in Hebei, as well as with an added benefit for the socioeconomic growth and development of local communities.  


GW Imperial Garden: Living in Harmony with Nature

There are a total of 368 units developed in the project, divided into two phases. The first phase has about 200 units and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021. Each unit can enjoy a full 180 degree mountain views with breathtaking scenery.


The location of GW Imperial Garden is near to 11 4A- and 5A-class scenic spots, top-rated tourist attractions in China. In addition, it already spent RMB600 million to construct its own Instagram-able attractions, namely Hilltop Art Museum, Lake of Dao and Whisper Island.


Among them, Hilltop Art Museum won the 2018 China Design Power Award, which was designed by Mr. Daode Li and his team of dEEP Architechs. dEEP is one of the most active and creative young architects in China.

The Lake of Dao and Whisper Island were created by AECOM, one of the world’s leading infrastructure consulting firm. It is aimed to create environments that reconnect people to the nature, in order to re-establish emotional wellbeing and physical equilibrium. Peoples can cultivate their inner life through the art journey in GW Imperial Garden.

1.5-Hour Traffic Circle between Adjacent Cities: When Fairy Tale Meets Reality


Living in a fairyland does not mean someone has to be isolated. GW Imperial Garden enjoys a comprehensive and convenient traffic network in the Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei region. It is close to G101 National Highway and takes about 1.5 hours by vehicle from Capital International Airport. It is also well accessible by public transport, such as Suburban Railway S5 Tourism Line, from Haidian Qinghe Station to Gubeikou Station. In the future, private parking aprons will be built for a more convenient travel option for business travelers.


With the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022, these opportunities could serve as key drivers in boosting high-quality development for Hebei as well as the value of GW Imperial Garden in this great new era.

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