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GW Imperial Garden, Enjoying the National Scenery of China

September 4, 2020

As we all know, one of the foremost parameters that define a good real estate project is its location, location and location! A good location, for Chinese buyer, is always about its good feng shui. GW Imperial Garden is known for its location as the “Beijing-Chengde Back Garden”, the Great Wall nearby has an incomparable culture value, which makes the scene is like no other in the world.


Set against the Backdrop of the Magnificent Longji Mountain, Noble and Extraordinary

Luanping and the Longji Mountain Range, where GW Imperial Garden is located, connects the longest imperial road in history. It integrates emperor culture, Great Wall culture, grassland culture, Buddhism culture, and mountain culture. The qi of the Longji Mountain Range has already laid the path of success.


Not only that, because of its unique topography, the Great Wall has survived countless earthquakes and endless wars in human history, it has become the spiritual totem of “fearless” from generation to generation. The origin of the name “Villa Fortune” of GW Imperial Garden Phase 1 is in fact inspired by these cultural and spiritual beliefs in the land of inheritance. 


The entire project of GW Imperial Garden is carefully polished, covering a total area of 32,000 mu. The total investment of the first phase of 4000 mu is RMB30 billion. The constructions of Hilltop Art Museum, Lake of Dao and Whisper Island have already costed RMB600 million. Given the scale of construction involved, it needed tens of thousands of people to complete the project.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time, in Harmony between the East and the West

Surrounded by magnificent scenery, GW Imperial Garden is imbued with a spirit of timeless luxury in a perfect blend of east meets west. In the early stage of development, the W. DESIGN the design team created a luxurious, yet spacious environment, offering the owner a truly unique villas to live and host in. Meanwhile, the project will include resorts, hotels, and with synchronous investment in technical and social infrastructure in the near future.

Yuhua 1.jpg

In the vicinity of GW Imperial Garden, there are many opportunities for active vacation and recreation. The entire Hebei County, upon renovation, it will be expected to be a popular leisure, tourism, and entertainment destination due to its extraordinarily rich historical and cultural heritage.   

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